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Covering a extensive range of markets and securities

Winterflood Securities is one of the UK’s leading market makers and liquidity providers, offering trading in an extensive stock list including international equities and fixed income securities.

UK Securities

In the UK, we cover nearly all London Stock Exchange listed stocks, as well as Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange . Although Winterflood Securities’ reputation was built on small cap trading, and this is an area in which we continue to excel, our specialist teams also bring their experience and expertise to all other sectors of the market.

Winterflood Securities has been fully committed to the Alternative Investment Market since its launch in 1995 when only 10 companies were quoted; there are now over 1200 companies quoted on the world’s leading growth market and we continue to offer comprehensive Alternative Investment Market coverage.

ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) is a London-based stock exchange providing UK and international companies with access to European capital through a range of fully listed and growth markets.

International markets

Winterflood Securities has been providing quality execution in European equities for many years. All of the most liquid stocks in Europe are available to trade automatically via Winner or over the phone. We are able to work orders or provide a competitive risk price and size across all the settlement venues in multiple currencies. We are also able to trade report to the multiple venues. We currently cover securities in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

To maintain our strategy of providing innovative products to our client base we now trade in most exchange traded funds (ETFs) and exchange traded commodities (ETCs) quoted on the London Stock Exchange. We also cover the EU and US lines. We offer trading in all of these products in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars, regardless of their underlying currency. Winterflood Securities were an early adopter of this new segment of the market and have established a leading market position in the last few years, ranked number one in terms of numbers of trades transacted on the London Stock Exchange between brokers and market makers since 2008.

After the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) was implemented, we quickly began to trade away from the incumbent European Exchanges to connect with the leading European Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) and dark pools. One of the great benefits of owning our own technology is that we have been able to develop a platform with a sophisticated Smart Order Router (SOR) to access this additional liquidity for our clients. The fragmentation of the European markets is therefore not an issue for us, we can trade through our consolidated virtual order book to any of these platforms.

We offer a comprehensive dealing service quoting all tradable stocks in North America and Canada (Vancouver and Toronto Exchanges). An electronic quoting service is offered in all S&P 500, DOW 30 and NASDAQ 100 stocks via our Winner trading facility. Any liquid stocks not available via Winner can be electronically connected by request, in order to maintain an extensive service.

Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income desk was established in 1994 and covers the full range of UK Government Gilts, including strips and index-linked, plus a broad range of other fixed income securities, including Sterling bonds, preference shares, PIBs and bond-related ETFs.

Additional services

Winterflood Securities does not currently deal in listed products or unit trusts. However, for the convenience of our clients, we offer the ability to connect to the following services through their existing Winner connections:

Listed products via RBS and Société Générale

Listed products are geared investment vehicles issued by investment banks, principally the Royal Bank of Scotland and Société Générale in the UK. These two banks act as our partners, using our Winner network to access brokers who offer both retail and professional investors access to these highly liquid products. The issuer will provide real time bid-offer prices which can be accessed via Winner during the trading day and the trades will be reported to a regulated investment exchange (RIE). The broker's counterparty is always the issuer.

Unit trusts and OEICS via Cofunds

For dealing in Unit Trusts and OEICS, we have partnered with Cofunds, the UK’s leading fund supermarket, in creating the Winner-Cofunds Nominee Service, a one-stop solution to UK fund dealing, settlement and reconciliation. The service allows for the buying and selling of both units and considerations via Winner and dealing to an assured valuation point. It provides a similar experience to equity and bond trading, with immediate trade confirmation, daily transaction and holding feeds and standardised monthly commission payments available from Cofunds.

Winterflood Securities, The Atrium Building, Cannon Bridge House, 25 Dowgate Hill, London EC4R 2GAT 020 3100 0000