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Why use the No. 1 in the market?

Rely on Winterflood's expertise, outstanding technology and unique liquidity.

Source: Bloomberg <RANK>, used with permission of Bloomberg Finance L.P.

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Competitive execution thanks to an exceptional blend of liquidity

Get access to a unique liquidity proposition resulting from Winterflood’s ability to consolidate both institutional and retail flow coming from a diverse client base. This exceptional blend of liquidity, in addition to Winterflood’s own liquidity, helps both retail and institutional-sized orders achieve best execution, frequently at a more competitive price than elsewhere in the market.

“94% of our client order flow is captured and executed electronically.”

How this benefits you

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Global reach with a diverse client network including:

  • Institutions 
  • Stockbrokers
  • Wealth managers
  • Registrars and share plan administrators
  • Family offices
  • Hedge funds
  • Multiple third-party provider hubs
  • Access to leading global FIX (Financial Information Exchange) order routing networks
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Enjoy quality, reliability and certainty of execution

  • Access instant liquidity in over 11,500 stocks available electronically
  • Streamline execution services for over 15,500 instruments
  • Improve speed and reliability as 94% of orders are auto-executed
  • Benefit as 86.54% of auto-executions are price improved (LiquidMetrix, Oct-Dec 2020)
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Flexibility to suit your business needs

  • Get the experience and systems you need to support front, middle and back office workflows
  • Have your needs met efficiently and effectively, whether you are a small broker or top-tier bank
  • Be sure that your bespoke requests from pre-trade and trading right through to settlement and reporting can be easily met


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Access constant liquidity provision

  • Count on quality liquidity provision gained through the size and diversity of our client network
  • Benefit from our leading position in retail share participation as it provides access to an additional liquidity pool
  • Depend on an always available execution service - whatever the market conditions


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Achieve your goals using us as a strategic partner

  • Expect quality service from entire business lines developed to service client needs
  • Know where you stand because of our commitment to transparency
  • Here to assist you with our dedicated front, middle and back office teams with expertise in their core areas


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Get fully-tailored services

  • Solve your problems with a bespoke solution
  • Maximise flexibility using our expert post trade services – and settle in any currency, term (T to T+20), CSD, and with optional netting
  • Simplify processes as we auto-execute 94% of all orders immediately upon receipt and in 1 print
  • Avoid or minimise market impact thanks to Winterflood’s bilateral trading processes


A powerful blend of people and technology

Get the best of both worlds from our team's ability to anticipate, originate and exploit technological advances matched with market experience, regulatory knowledge and outstanding client service.

    Strength, breadth and depth in customer relationships

    Our 70 traders have an average of 15 years experience, so have weathered market highs, lows and turbulence. Our reputation for service and the scalability and ease of Winterflood’s trading platform provides effective tools for different order sizes and types of client from all aspects of the securities sector. including:

    • Institutional sales traders with a growing client base of around 300 international relationships.
    • 250+ Institutional Clients, including  long only funds, hedge funds, family offices, share plan administrators and registrars. 
    • 200+ Retail Brokers, including execution-only stockbrokers, wealth managers, centralised electronic trading desks and investment banks.

    A bespoke technology platform

    Get seamless access to pan-European and North American markets via our cutting-edge electronic trading platforms, using Winterflood's proprietary state of the art technology, through one single connection. Choose from several connectivity options to suit your business needs.



    With executions priced at the market price or better thanks to our in-house liquidity, use Winterflood’s proprietary technology and dealing service for equities, ETPsfixed income and investment trusts. Receive one consolidated fill, typically 86.54%* with price and liquidity improvement, yielding significant reductions in transaction fees compared with exchange, clearing and settlement fees associated with executing smaller orders via DMA/SOR on order books. 

    Source: LiquidMetrix, Oct-Dec 2020


    Access our highly-experienced team of sales traders for working more complex care orders with minimal market impact. In addition to a diverse range of liquidity sources, the sales traders facilitate interaction with our vast retail order-flow. Win-X also enables access to our sophisticated smart order router and algorithms allowing direct strategic access (DSA) to the leading exchanges and MTF’s.

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