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Clients have access to Winterflood’s liquidity pool through two cutting-edge proprietary electronic trading platforms: our real time dealing service providing direct access to our internal liquidity, Winner, and our intelligent order routing system, Win-X.

Clients also benefit from other electronic services such as low latency Direct Market Access to leading trading venues, Smart Order Routing and the provision of algorithms.


Proprietary Electronic Liquidity

Winner is Winterflood's proprietary electronic liquidity and dealing service for equities and fixed income, providing access to its in-house liquidity, with executions priced at the market best bid/offer or better. By dealing away from the order book, clients receive one fill which results in significant reductions in transaction costs through savings in exchange and MTF fees.


Intelligent Order Routing

Win-X, Winterflood's intelligent order routing system, is connected to Winterflood's internal liquidity via Winner with direct market access (DMA) to the leading exchanges and MTF's. This enables us to seek out the best price or increased liquidity across these multiple pools through our sophisticated smart order router and algorithms. Win-X also allows clients to route care orders to a dedicated sales trader.



Online Proprietary Trading Station

Winner Trader is Winterflood's real time, proprietary online trading input screen providing clients with internet access to our two electronic trading platforms.

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Multiple Connection Options

Winterflood Securities offers several different ways to connect to our two platforms: direct connections via FIX or Winner application programming interface, the internet via Winterflood's web-based GUI Winner Trader and through third-party data vendors or order management systems.

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