On Tuesday 9th May, the working group IARB and the London Stock Exchange facilitated a positive meeting with key stakeholders as part of the FCA’s future engagement, alongside incoming regulatory changes.

At the meeting supported by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), Treasurers from FTSE UK Index constituents had productive discussions on prospectus requirements for companies seeking admission of their non equity securities to trading on regulated markets.

IARB, which is sponsored by the London Stock Exchange, seeks to deliver regulatory changes to the incoming UK Prospectus Regime to support FTSE Index constituents to engage with private investors as active stakeholders, delivering a more inclusive approach to investments in the UK.

Currently it is easier for companies to issue bonds that have a denomination of £/$/€ 100,000, rather than bonds that have a denomination of £1,000, leaving private client investors less able to access bond markets directly in the UK, despite having access to many other investment products.

IARB are a group of financial services professionals who represent regulated UK entities, seeking greater access to bond markets by way of lower denominations.

This communication is supported by Winterflood Securities, a founding member of IARB.


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