Winterflood has been featured in the Financial Times article: 'UK opens up gilts sales to retail investors' which discusses how the Winterflood Retail Access Platform (WRAP) will enable retail access to new gilt issues. On Wednesday 28 February 2024, WRAP will provide retail investors with access to the new conventional gilt issue maturing in 2031.

Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor are using WRAP for this gilt issue and will enable retail investors to purchase the gilt at the Non-Competitive Auction Price (i.e., the average accepted price for the gilt). This is the first new gilt issue that has been made available to retail investors in this way and demonstrates Winterflood’s commitment to championing retail investor inclusion across all markets and instruments, with WRAP able to distribute both equity and debt securities.

Andrew Stancliffe, Head of Execution at Winterflood, said: “Opening up new gilt issuance to retail investors is something that we have been working towards for a number of months. Thanks to positive engagement from retail platforms, we are delighted that this is now a reality, and we are looking forward to using the WRAP platform for this new gilt auction and for further gilt auctions going forwards.”

WRAP is an end-to-end distribution platform that connects issuers with retail investors via retail intermediaries.

If you would like to discuss WRAP or this announcement in more detail, please contact Andrew Stancliffe, Head of Execution Services at Winterflood Securities Limited.